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At Access America, a real person has been answering the phone during business hours for 37 years.
We do it this way because your time is valuable.
Call us for the Access America difference:  865-482-2140 or 800-860-2140

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Access America--a local company with over 36 years of experience in telephone service...and we answer the phone when you call!
Access America is a facilities-based local & long distance carrier providing state-of-the-art telecommunications since 1982.  Our corporate headquarters are located in Oak Ridge, TN.  Our experienced customer service staff and local presence allow us to quickly respond to customer's inquiries.  Our broad telecommunications capabilities provides the flexibility to tailor services to your needs.
Call Access America for your business telephone service:  865-482-2140 or 800-860-2140

  • Local Telephone Service
    Business Telephone Lines
    Features such as touchtone, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, hunting, etc.
  • Long Distance Telephone Service
    1+ outward long distance calling
    Toll free (800 and 888) long distance inward calling and 800/888/877 numbers
    Accounting Codes (to account for calls by person or department)
    Calling Cards
    Directory Assistance
    Operator Services
  • Internet Service
    DSL and T1 access
    Website Hosting
    Network monitoring and management
  • VoIP Service
    IP phones, IP Trunks and Hosted PBX services with local and long distance calling
  • Phone Systems
    Vodavi STSe, Vertical SBX, and Vertical Summit
    Access America Complete, our Hosted IP PBX system
  • Teleconferencing
  • Private Data Lines
    Point-to-point 56/64k and T1 lines, In-state and Interstate
  • Telecom Management
    Working with you to handle ordering, provisioning, and trouble calls

Access America
673 Emory Valley Road
Oak Ridge, Tennessee  37830

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