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Access America provides telephone systems for businesses.   Are you finding that you need new phones or a new system?  Can you answer calls reliably and transfer or forward calls to the correct place?  Do buttons on your phones stick or not work at all?  Are some of the lights burned out?  Has your business outgrown your current system?  Do you want voicemail for yourself and your employees?  Maybe it is time for a new phone system!

We install and maintain telephone systems.  Our on-premise systems include the new Vertical Summit system which provides the newest in Unified Communications technologies as well as being backwards compatible with older Vertical/Vodavi phone systems and phone sets. The Summit system is the newest in the Vertical line and is a hybrid digital/VoIP system that can accept telephone lines (POTS), voice over internet protocol (VoIP)/Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks as well as T1/PRI circuits.  Systems can be networked and provide IP features such as PC applications with presence, cell phone apps, voicemail to email integration and notification. We also install the Vertical SBX IP320 system which provides the simplicity and efficiency of an on-premise phone system with the features of an IP phone system, including networking and voicemail to e-mail integration. We also maintain the grandfathered Vodavi STS/STSe telephone system which handles up to 24 telephone lines or T1/PRI and up to 48 stations. The STS/STSe includes caller ID functionality as well as voicemail and over 200 features packed into a compact KSU that needs little space in your telephone closet.

The Vertical line of telephone systems is developed in partnership with LG-Ericsson to adapt the systems for use in the U.S. and to provide support for the older model phone sets in the Vodavi line.  The Summit is a similar system to the iPECS eMG80 system and we can support either.

We also provide Access America Complete, a hosted PBX telephone system that relies on IP (internet protocol) technology and uses Cisco 7960 and 7940 telephone sets and is perfect for smaller offices who don't want to purchase a phone system, just the sets, or for large organizations that want a single phone system that connects all of their offices without requiring channelized T1s connecting multiple on-premises phone systems.  The hosted PBX system also comes with a web portal for each telephone set, click here to see an example.  Also, in addition to purchase of a system, we also provide leasing options so you can save your capital for other projects.  For more information or pricing, please call us at 865-482-2140.

Vertical Summit

New Vertical Summit 80 telephone system scales from 3 phone lines and 8 stations to 24 phone lines and 48 stations and is primarily for the small and medium business (SMB) market.  The Summit 800 scales to 400 stations and is for the small and medium enterprise (SME) market.
The Vertical Summit supports the Edge 9000 phones (30 button and 8 button and IP phones) as well as the phones from the SBX and STS lines, giving backwards compatibility to the system. The Vertical Summit supports voice over internet protocol (VoIP) trunks allowing future-proofing for transitions from analog phone lines to VoIP phone services. The Vertical Summit also provides networking between sites, remote IP phone extensions for tele-workers, as well as apps for iPhone and Android making your cell phone part of the phone system. The Summit system inlcudes all the standard features of a phone system like intercom, call groups, time of day routing and voicemail, along with newer IP features like click-to-dial functions, notification of voicemails by email, call recording and Unified Communications features including messaging within the system, presence indication, and phone set control via web console. Also, for low light situations, the 30 button phones are backlit so you can see the LCD display easily. For more information on the Vertical Summit telephone system, please see the following brochures:  Summit 80 Brochure, Summit 80 Data Sheet, Summit Edge 9000 phones, Summit 800 Brochure.

Summit 30 button digital phone set

Summit 8 button digital phone set Summit Edge IP phone set
Summit 30 button telephone set Summit 8 button telephone set Summit IP phone set
Summit DECT wireless phone set Summit system with 8 Executive 30 button phones
Summit DECT wireless set Summit system with eight 30 button, lighted LCD display phones

Three minute video description of the Summit system

Vertical SBX

Vertical SBX IP320 telephone system "VoIP made simple" (system scales from 3 phone lines and 8 stations to 24 phone lines and 48 stations).
The Vertical SBX supports the Edge 4000 phones and is a digital key system with all of the expected features such as intercom, call groups, time of day routing and voicemail while also providing IP features such as VoIP trunks, IP networking between sites and voicemail to email notification.  This is a great system for a small business that needs a reliable system that does what it should - it just works.  For more information on the Vertical SBX IP320 telephone system, please see the data sheet:  SBX IP320 Data Sheet.

SBX Phone Family: 24 button set, console, and 8 button set

SBX IP320 24 button phone set, console with additional buttons for receptionist, and 8 button phone set

Vertical/Vodavi STS and STSe

Vertical/Vodavi STS/STSe telephone system (scales from 3 phone lines and 8 stations to 24 phone lines and 48 stations) - grandfathered. New systems are not available, but parts and maintenance are still available.  This system has been replaced by the Vertical SBX and the Summit.
This is the reliable Vodavi STS, a digital key system that works and keeps on working for you.  If you need help with your system, please give us a call at 865-482-2140.  For more information on the Vertical/Vodavi STSe telephone system, please see the following brochures:  Features and Benefits, Product Sheet, Full-color brochure.
Summit DECT wireless phone set STS_Phone

Vodavi/Vertical Executive Display Telephone Set

STS Phone and KSU

Vodavi/Vertical Executive Display Set with 48 button receptionist busy lamp field add-on module and picture of the KSU

Access America Complete - Hosted PBX Service

Access America Complete, our Hosted PBX Service with Cisco IP telephones - All you need is the phone, we host the rest of the system for you!
(scales from a single phone to an unlimited number of phones, can grow one set at a time)

Cisco 7960

Cisco 7960 for use with Access America Complete hosted PBX Service

Also, take a look at the Web Portal with Call Logs, Click-to-Dial and Call Management features like Call Forwarding and Find-me-Follow-me.  Note also that the call logs can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet.

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