Access America Telephone Company

Long Distance Telephone Service

Enjoy a quality long distance conversation knowing you are using Access America's digital switching facilities, our fiber-optic lines, and long distance features including accounting codes all backed by our outstanding customer service.  Whether your call is in Tennessee or outside of Tennessee we carry all your calls with care.  Please call our office at 865-482-2140 or 800-860-2140 for more information regarding our long distance services:
Outbound Services
(1+ dialing):

Switched 1+
Switched 1+ with accounting codes
Dedicated 1+
Dedicated 1+ with accounting codes

Call out to your customers, suppliers, clients and friends

Inbound Services
(800 Numbers):

Switched 800
Dedicated 800


Take orders from customers, have salespeople call in for messages.

Calling Cards:

Call from any state to any other state, use our cards when traveling to save on hotel surcharges or save on your cellular long distance bill.


Instead of several people traveling to a meeting, use a teleconference to have your next sales meeting or meet with a client or have your next board meeting with an Access America teleconference.

Note:  Switched services are associated with a long distance carrier on a single or multiple business lines.   Dedicated services are generally large volume users with a T1 or multiple T1's connected directly from the customer's telephone system to the long distance carrier.

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