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Read the Oak Ridger article about the Universal Service Fund reimbursements from Access America to The Oak Ridge School System for the 1st funding year:

The Oak Ridger Online -- Feature: Business -- Access America, schools get federal funds 06/04/99

What is the Schools and Libraries Fund ("E-Rate")?

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 established several different funding mechanisms for organizations under the general heading of Universal Service, including the Schools and Libraries Fund, and the Rural Healthcare Fund.  The Schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Service Fund (or more simply the Schools and Libraries Fund or "E-Rate") is a funding mechanism for Schools and Libraries to receive reimbursement for eligible telecommunications services.  The funding works in the following way.  Access America is billed by the Universal Service Administration Corporation (USAC, a company set up by the Telecommunications Act of 1996) for Universal Service Funds.  Access America remits payments into the Fund.  A school then applies to the USAC for their discount amount.  The USAC assigns a discount to the school on a needs basis.  The telecommunications provider for the school then receives money from the USAC and passes the money on to the school, in the form of a check or ongoing discounts for services.

Where can I get specific information about my particular situation?

1. At the State Level in Tennessee, contact the Tennessee Department of Education http://www.state.tn.us/education
2. At the Federal level, contact the Schools and Libraries Division of the USF http://www.sl.universalservice.org
Old link:  http://www.slcfund.org
3. For an overview of the entire Universal Service Program administered by the Universal Service Administration Corporation (USAC) http://www.universalservice.org
4. For unofficial information, a site sponsored by the State E-Rate Coordinators Alliance (SECA) has additional information, discussion and opinions. http://www.e-ratecentral.com

How do I get reimbursement if Access America is my local and/or long distance telephone company?

If you are a school or library in Tennessee or Virginia, please call our office at 865-482-2140 and we will make sure that you have our correct Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) assigned to the specific bid for service so that you can receive your reimbursement.  Remember, you must bid your services and assign the contract(s) to a Service Provider.  There are specific rules to follow regarding the bid and contract signing, please contact the USAC for more information.  The application period for the next fiscal year starts each Fall.  If you are current customer and need to apply for reimbursement from the SLC Fund, please call our office and ask for Access America's Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN).  If you are a new customer (not currently using Access America local or long distance telephone service), please call our office to set up an account and get our SPIN information.   Access America's SPIN is 143004059.

Have any of the Schools that are customers of Access America received reimbursement?

Yes, Access America has worked with the Oak Ridge School system and have presented checks to them.  Read about our presentation of a check for over $9,000 for the 1st funding year at the Oak Ridge School Board meeting on May 24, 1999.  We have experience with the USF system and we were the first to present the Oak Ridge Schools with a reimbursement check.

Who is Access America?

Access America received approval from the State of Tennessee in 1982 to offer long distance telephone service and in 1996 to offer local telephone service in Tennessee.  Access America has provided business telephone services to East Tennessee for almost 20 years.  Access America was the first company in Tennessee to offer competitive local telephone service.  In order to choose Access America as your local telephone company and long distance telephone company, please call our office at 865-482-2140.  We work closely with you to migrate your telephone services seamlessly to Access America, making the process as simple and effortless as possible for you.  Choose Access America as your local and long distance telephone compaany and experience the difference!

Access America
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